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Humic Acid

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Specification of Humic Acid

Name Humic Acid
Appearance Black Powder Black Granule
Organic Matter 85% min 60% min
Humic Acid 70% min 40% min
PH 4-6 5-7
Moisture 18% max 15% max
Packing Woven bags with PE liner 25 kgs net each


The Humic Acid Amino Acid NPK product provides different nutrients to the crops, it is a wonderful combination of humic acid and amino acid, it is a good soil conditoner that can help to improve soil quality, adjust soil PH.

Humic acid granular mainly used in agricultural crops, fruit trees,landscaping, gardening, pastures, grains and horticultural       crops. MAX BlackPearl can be used as a base fertilizer, or additional fertilizer, 200-300kg/ha