Potassium Nitrate

Humic Acid≥60%
Fulvic Acid≥15%
pH 9-11

Appearance black shiny powder or flake

Potassium Nitrate is colorless and transparent rhombic crystals or white powder. The relative density is 2.109 and the melting point is at 334°C.It decomposes at 400°C and turns into potassium nitrite releasing oxygenand then in continuous heat turns into burnt potash. It is highly soluble in water,liquid ammonia and glycerine but insoluble in anhydrous alcohol and diethyl ether.It can not deliquesce in the air. As strong oxidizer, it will burn and explode when meeting with organics releasing irritant gas.If mixed with carbon powder or sulfur, it burns with strong light.

Benefits of Potassium Nitrate

  • High analysis water soluble form of potassium and nitrate
  • Excellent fertiliser for fruiting crops and vegetables to assist with filling
  • Good plant potassium levels plant tolerance to environmental and physical stress
  • High purity, low salt index, no harmful substances
  • Suitable as foliar application and through fertigation systems.
  • suitable for chlorine-sensitive crops.
  • avoid soil compaction caused by long-term application of potassium sulphate.

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