Project Description

Sodium Humate

  • Provide plants ammonium and humic acids and help to save the energy for their synthesis.
  • Improve soil structure,increase soil fertilizer.
  • Enhanced capability to counter stress condition ( drought, hot or cold temperature, transplanting stress etc.) and disease.
  • Increase carbohydrate in plants to increase harvest and fruits quality.
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Product Description

Sodium humate is a natural coal, peat and lignite raw materials processed by a special process with a variety of functional organic weak acid sodium salt, the structure is more complex, known humic acid molecules containing benzene ring, thick Ring and some heterocyclic ring (such as pyrrole, furan, indole, etc.), the aromatic ring bridge between the bond, the aromatic ring with a variety of functional groups, mainly carboxyl, phenol, hydroxyl, methoxy, Quinone and the like. Sodium humate in the dry-base content of more than 75%, is a production of green breast meat and eggs with good veterinary drugs and feed additives.

Specification of Sodium Humate

Item Standard I Standard II Standard III Standard IV
Solubility 70%min 85%min 90%min 95%min
Humic acid (dry basis) 35%min 50%min 60%min 65%min
oisture 15%min 15%max 15%max 15%max
PH Value 7.5-11 8-11 8-11 8-11
Appearance powder powder powder/granular powder/flakes

Benifit of Sodium Humate

1).Used in the Aquaculture:
Applicable to most of the aquaculture farms (e.g., fish, shrimp, etc.) Organic Fish Fertilizer
Humic acid is able to combat the harmful pollution caused by feed left, heavy metals, etc. and promote the growth of algae.
Humic acid regulates the pH value of water for a healthy environment.

2).Used in the Agriculture Farms:
Humic acid is a natural chelating agent. It can be applied as stimulants of crop growth as well as soil conditioners. Humic acid improves the immunity and metabolism of crops, also promote the growth of their root systems.
Potassium humate is often used as an organic potassium fertilizer for plants/crops.

3).Used in the Animal Husbandry:
Humic acid can be used as an organic feed additive. It improves the animals’ immuse systems, in such a way that a thin protective coating is formed on the animals’ intestinal systems.
Humic substances can be applied as an organic alternative of antibiotics


Sodium humate has a wide use in industry. This product can be applied in a great number of fields such as the removal of toxicmetals from wastewater or as mud adjuster in oil drilling. Other application fields include construction industry, paper industry, removal of toxics incontaminatedsoils, paints and industrial coatings, printing inks, foundry sand additives, rubber compounding and processing, absorbents/selective extractants, asphalt and bitumen compounding, grease and lubricants, roofing compounds, undercoatings and soundproofing, cement/concrete and emulsions.